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The Best Method for Restoring Your White Smile Will Be Based on the Depth of Your Dental Stains

Your tooth enamel is microscopically porous. This can gradually allow minor surface stains to progressively saturate into your teeth to give you smile shades of yellow, brown, or gray.

Fortunately, Dr. Sanjay Merchant can help assess the depth of your dental stains to help you determine the safest and most effective method for restoring your white smile.

Occasionally brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste, that has earned the American Dental Association’s approval, can help remove minor surface stains between your regular dental cleanings. It’s important to understand that the hydrogen peroxide used as the primary whitening agent will only be strong enough to remove surface stains.

Whitening strips that have earned the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance can also help to remove minor surface stains from your teeth. You can apply them to your teeth as you go about your day. The clear plastic material makes it hard for the casual observer to see they’re in your mouth.

More significant dental stains can rarely be improved by the products offered at the retail level. For teeth in this condition, you will need Dr. Sanjay Merchant to administer a dental bleaching treatment. This is the only truly safe way to effectively remove deeply set in dental stains.

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