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Brushing Over the Guidelines

Want to know the guidelines and tips for keeping your teeth healthy and clean? We will list a few that everyone can benefit from:

– Keep the brush at a forty-five-degree angle.
– Use short, back-and-forth strokes, focusing on each tooth.
– Remember to get all sides of your teeth, meaning the side facing your cheek, the side facing your tongue, and the top.
– When brushing the inward-facing side of your front teeth, orient the brush vertically and use up and down motions.
– Brush your tongue too. Doing so can prevent bad breath and remove bacteria.
– Brushing need only take two minutes.
– Brush twice and floss once each day.

Also, here are some helpful things to remember about your toothbrush and toothpaste:

– Brushes with soft bristles are recommended.
– Brushes have many different sizes and shapes. Find one that is able to reach all areas of your mouth without difficulty.
– Remember to replace brushes after using them for three to four months. Bristles get frayed around that time, and they will not clean your teeth like they used to.
– Sometimes bristles become frayed before then. Replace them at that time.
– Using a fluoride toothpaste with the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance is recommended.

Keeping to these guidelines can help you have healthier and nicer teeth. On one final note, remember that maintaining a healthy diet and curbing the number of snacks also contributes to your oral health. Also, regular dental checkups will aid you in having healthy, strong teeth.

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