Start the New Year with Fresh Breath

Do you deal with chronic bad breath? Does every solution you try never really seem to work? Or if it does, does it only work for a short time during the day? If any of those questions described you, then you need to pay attention. Our team here at in , , has a few… Read more »

How Chewing Gum Affects Your Teeth

Do you ever wonder if something you enjoy doing is good or bad for your teeth? For instance, do you ever wonder if chewing gum could actually damage your smile? Would you be surprised to learn that chewing gum could actually hurt your teeth–and that chewing gum can also have a number of benefits? Many… Read more »

Cavity Prevention Includes Oral Care

Having excellent oral hygiene habits can save you from serious problems down the road. Did you know, cavities if left untreated can lead to painful effects including tooth loss, gum disease, and even bone loss? That is why taking care of your oral health is vital to preventing serious complications down the road. Our team… Read more »

Treat Your Mouth to a Whiter Smile for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, treat your mouth to a white smile. Even if your oral hygiene slipped a bit in the past few months, there is no better time to come in and get a professional cleaning. However, if a healthy set of teeth and gums is not enough, Dr. can make sure you get the top… Read more »

Having a Frightfully Fruitful Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, our team in , want to help you keep your commitment to you and your family’s smile health! While you are you’re surrounded by candy and sugary goodies, you can still protect those vulnerable pearly whites and healthy gums by striving for a healthy, balanced Halloween season. — One… Read more »

Start off the Fall with the Daily 4

October is many things; Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness month, National Dental Hygiene month (NDYM), and National Orthodontic Health month! At our dental practice in , , Dr. and our team want to wish our patients a happy fall season while taking care of their smile health. National Dental Hygiene month’s message is known as “Do… Read more »

Is Bad Breath Cramping Your Smile?

If you have been dealing with persistent bad breath you understand how embarrassing it can be. But did you know that it can actually be a sign that something more serious may be going on? At Phillips Ranch – Family & Cosmetic Dentistry located in Diamond Bar, California, Dr. Howard Glassman and Dr. Peter Nghiem… Read more »

Rev up Your Child’s Success This School Year

As the summer season steadily winds down and the school bells start to ring again, our dentists, Dr. Howard Glassman and Dr. Peter Nghiem, encourage you to boost your child’s self-esteem with a dental cleaning and checkup as the school year gets underway. A healthy smile goes hand-in-hand with new clothes, a haircut, and school supplies… Read more »

Lost Fillings Can be Restored with a Crown

While a filling is meant to repair a tooth for many years, they don’t really last forever. In time the natural bacteria in your mouth will start to work on the seam cementing your filling to the rest of the natural tooth enamel. Once they invade this microscopic area, a new area of decay can… Read more »

Why Dental Cleanings are Important

As you may know, it’s important for you to see your dentist regularly—even if you don’t enjoy visiting the dentist. Regular professional dental cleanings are vital in the fight to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which can lead to a number of health issues. There are different types of professional dental cleanings that can be… Read more »