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Sometimes your dentist, Dr. Sanjay Merchant, will offer different options when it comes to dental treatment, and repairing a decayed tooth is one of those times. When fixing a cavity, different dental fillings can do the job. The most common dental fillings used are amalgam and composite fillings. When faced with these options, it’s best to know the facts so you can make an educated decision.

When it comes to the safety of the fillings, one is not better than the other. However, many people feel nervous about amalgam fillings because of the rumors that spread about their dangers. At Phillips Ranch - Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe and know amalgam fillings are safe for your smile, oral health, and entire health, otherwise, we would not offer them. But, we want you to decide for yourself on the best treatment for you. So, we encourage you to do your research by talking to your dentist and researching accredited websites online, like the American Dental Association’s website.

When it comes to the differences and abilities of the two fillings, there are many. The amalgam filling is very strong because it is made of a variety of different metals. However, because of this, it is a silver color. This makes it tough to repair a tooth that is visible in the smile. So, when using an amalgam filling, it’s best to place it on a tooth in the back of the mouth that withstands a lot of chewing pressure. The composite filling is very aesthetically pleasing. It blends into your tooth enamel and provides natural-looking results. However, it’s a little weaker than amalgam. So, it’s best to use this filling to repair a front tooth that doesn’t handle a lot of chewing.

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