Many people who have heard of Invisalign know that plenty of adults use them as a discrete way of straightening their teeth later in life, but what about minors? It’s still common for preteens and teenagers alike to continue using traditional wire braces, but can’t they enjoy the benefits of Invisalign, too?

The Age Limit For Invisalign

If you’re wondering what the age restriction is for using Invisalign, there is none. These popular clear aligners can be used as early as 12 years old when it’s the best time to start shaping the structure of your teeth. Even children younger than that can enjoy treatment options with specialized products from the renowned brand.

For Preteens and Teens

Teens ages 12 and up can be qualified for Invisalign treatment with the permission of a parent or guardian. Just like with any adult seeking treatment, an initial consultation is required to check the status of the teeth and to offer a personalized plan complete with customized aligners to be switched out every so often. Basically, teenagers seeking out Invisalign will receive the same treatment as an adult looking to use Invisalign, the only difference is in how the individual is willing to keep up with proper care.

For Younger Kids

Ages 6-10 is when a child’s set of teeth grows the most which make it the most optimal time for guiding new teeth into place with the help of Invisalign. For this stage in a child’s growth, the brand has designed Invisalign First specifically for younger kids to prevent any issues later on long after their adult teeth have already grown in. This is done by developing the child’s jaw and arches to make room for incoming teeth to help prevent them from coming in crooked due to lack of room which can cause friction and resistance.

Using Invisalign as a Preteen or Teenager

Getting Invisalign aligners as a teen can be a lot of responsibility, but it’s nothing that a dedicated individual can’t handle. One reason why parents choose traditional wire braces for their children is that no at-home maintenance is required. The dentist installs the wire braces and they simply stay there until the next dental appointment. While this may sound like the easier route, it can affect any teen’s way of living. The frequent trips to the dentist and the pain and inconveniences that come with regular braces can be distracting enough to affect their studies, and their appearance can have a negative impact on their social life. All of these aspects are crucial to a growing teen which is why Invisalign is more ideal as long as they can practice proper care such as:

  • Remembering to remove them before eating and brushing
  • Remembering to reinsert them after eating and brushing
  • Cleaning them regularly

A busy teenager might have trouble keeping up with when to remove and reinsert their Invisalign aligners, but those who are able to maintain the little upkeep that is required will see the results sooner than later. Leaving the aligners out for even a couple of hours can set back the entire process, but anyone else in the household can help remind the teen for support as needed.

The Invisalign Advantage

Everyone knows that Invisalign is a better alternative to regular braces, but what exactly are all of the benefits? After comparing their two options, it’s no wonder that preteens and teenagers would much rather put in the extra effort to step up their responsibilities in favor of the much better method.

What Invisalign Can Do For Your Teen

The largest appeal of Invisalign is the fact that they’re designed to be clear and discrete. This is especially a big deal for teens who are looking to fit in with their peers. Plus, the ability to remove the aligners as needed provides much-needed relief each day regardless of how brief. It’s like being able to kick your shoes off after a long day. The feeling is just as rewarding, and teens everywhere can focus on other aspects of their life with fewer visits to the dentist. Invisalign is also custom-made for optimal results, basically guaranteeing noticeable improvement that will build more confidence which is something that helps teens survive grade school.

Where Traditional Braces Are Lacking

Traditional wire braces pretty much do the exact opposite of what Invisalign does. It has a very noticeable appearance that may instigate a bit of unwanted teasing and they can’t be removed at will. Frequent and consistent trips to the dentist are required to begin seeing results, and all that time can cut into a teen’s precious youth. These are years that you won’t be able to get back, so many teens would rather do what they can to make it count.



Wire Braces

Clear and discrete Extremely noticeable
Can be removed on the spot Can’t be removed without a dentist
Fewer visits to the dentist Requires multiple trips to the dentist
Custom treatment Not customized


Where to Get Invisalign Near Pomona

The professionals at Phillips Ranch Dental Group are so dedicated to ensuring that kids and teens grow up with healthy teeth to be proud of which is why they gladly provide Invisalign treatment for patients of all ages. Phillips Ranch Dental Group is the best place for Pomona residents to get their personalized set of clear aligners because of the expert care that they put into the initial consultation all the way to the end of the treatment. You can call the office at 909-860-0321 for more information on how to get your kid or teen started on Invisalign for a healthy smile that will follow them into adulthood.