The thought of getting a dental implant put in to replace a missing tooth can seem frightening at first, but you can put your mind at ease by gaining more knowledge about the procedure and finding a reputable dentist in Diamond Bar for the best possible experience. First, you must know the structure and composition of a dental implant and if it’s really a suitable treatment option for your condition.

Do I Need A Dental Implant?

Some problems can be solved by other common dental procedures, such as fillings to relieve pain from a cavity, or veneers to cover up cracks or blemishes on a tooth. But how do you know when it’s time to get a full dental implant? An implant is meant to replace a tooth in its entirety down to the root located deep in the gums. Learning about the structure of a dental implant will help you understand how such a feat is possible.

Dental Implant Anatomy

You might have already assumed that convincing-looking tooth replacements exist, but you probably didn’t think too hard about how they stay in your mouth. That’s where the titanium post comes in to act as the “root” of your fake tooth. So looking at the implant as a whole, there’s the fake tooth on the top that you can see from the surface with the post right underneath it which is set into your gums where your missing tooth used to be. The end result looks just like the real deal and no one would ever know unless you told them. If you were worried about the fake tooth matching the rest of your teeth to avoid standing out, that won’t be a problem as long as you visit the best dental experts in Diamond Bar who are skilled in matching the shade of white and shaping the replacement tooth to look realistic.

Conditions That Call For Implants

Now that you know what a dental implant actually looks like and how it works, is it something that you really need? As mentioned earlier, some damages are able to be patched up or covered up through other methods. However, some conditions can become severe and irreversible to the point where implants are the more viable option. This includes teeth that have been completely dislodged out of the socket or teeth that are broken or decayed to a point of great concern. Certain causes of tooth damage that would warrant a dental implant include:

  • Late-stage cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease to the point of needing an extraction.
  • Physical injury and trauma that would loosen or dislodge a tooth.
  • High blood pressure and diabetes which affect your dental health.
  • Smoking, leading to plaque buildup and gingivitis.
  • Bruxism (or teeth grinding) that can wear down your tooth’s structural integrity.

Steps For Placing a Dental Implant

After learning about what dental implants are and deciding that you want to go through with the procedure, what can you expect? Take note of what could happen from your first visit all the way to your final follow-up appointment so you can call up your local dental office with more confidence. Your experience will look something like this:

  1. The initial consultation. This is the appointment where your dentist will lay everything out in immense detail so you know exactly what’s going on with your tooth situation and what will happen next. There are dental offices in Diamond Bar that offer free consultations.
  2. Tooth extractions (if needed). If your tooth is too loose to heal or has become decayed past the point of no return, an extraction may be necessary. The affected area will need time to heal before moving on to the next step.
  3. Titanium rod placement. This is perhaps the most involved step of the process, but it’s not that bad with the help of local anesthetic. After the rod is secured into your gums, your dentist may place a healing cap and/or abutment on top to cover it during the healing process which could take a good few weeks.
  4. Installation of the fake tooth. After your gums have had time to heal, the permanent fake tooth is placed and secured over the top. The tooth is custom-made to match the rest of your teeth for a natural look and feel.

At-Home Care After the Procedure

After the procedure, it’s important to take it easy on your new tooth replacement. Your dentist may prescribe you an antibacterial mouthwash in place of your toothbrush for the first few days as a gentle alternative during the healing process. It’s also a good idea to only consume softer foods such as gelatin, yogurt, pudding, soup, mashed potatoes, and so on. Avoid foods that can hurt you while your mouth is overly sensitive like anything spicy or acidic. And of course, smoking won’t help the situation, either. But with proper care, your new dental implant can last you as long as 30 years if treated right.

Dental Implants In Diamond Bar

A dental implant will stick with you for decades, so finding the right place to get the procedure done is an important decision. In that case, Phillips Ranch Dental Group is the best dental office in Diamond Bar to get your tooth implant. Dr. Sanjay Merchant and Dr. Fallon Livingston have many years of experience in the industry with plenty of time to hone their craft. Residents of Diamond Bar have been visiting Phillips Ranch Dental for their minimally-invasive methods in performing dental surgery as well as the staff’s friendly and compassionate attitude for an overall comfortable and homey atmosphere. Call (909) 860-0321 for more information, or schedule an appointment online!