In a city as thriving as Diamond Bar, California, dental advancements have served as a life-changing solution for citizens who suffer from excessive tooth loss or deteriorating oral health. Full-arch dental implants are considered one of the many revolutionary dental treatments that are shaping the way we see restorative dental care as a whole. But what is a full-arch dental implant and where can you go in Diamond Bar to receive this incredible service?


Full Arch Dental Implants Explained

Also commonly referred to as a full-mouth dental implant, full-arch implants have quickly become the best solution for patients who are missing an entire row of teeth. There are many individuals who experience losing their teeth in their upper arch, lower arch, or both arches. Compared to traditional dentures that can be removed at will, full-arch dental implants offer a more permanent solution for a natural-looking set of fake teeth that have been proven to be much more stable than dentures which have a tendency to slip out at any wrong move even with the help of adhesives. The way that implants are more stabilized is through dental posts which are secured directly into the jawbone. Titanium screws serve as the best material for implant posts because they are incredibly durable and can last a very long time. Once the posts are secured and your jawbone heals, the full-arch piece is set in place and secured to be ready for use!


Word Of The Day: Osseointegration

The process of healing after installing an implant post is referred to as osseointegration. This is the phase where the jawbone has formed around the post to the point where they’re basically fused together, thus resulting in an incredibly stable implant that can last for many years.


The Benefits Of Full Arch Dental Implants

The benefits of a dental implant may appear to be self-explanatory, but there can be more to it than you realize. The reason why full-arch dental implants are considered to be revolutionary is that they are changing the game in terms of restorative treatment options. After reviewing all of the benefits, it’s clear why some older forms of restorative treatment may soon become obsolete.


Completely Restored Functionality

A major concern with dentures is that it can still be difficult to speak, bite, and chew since it’s taking up extra space in your mouth. But since full-arch dental implants can restore all of your teeth without adding any extra volume, you can perform your basic functions while having the feeling of natural teeth. The experience will feel identical to how things were before your tooth loss.


Incredibly Convincing Aesthetics

Thanks to advanced technology, any skilled and trained dentist will be able to match the color of your natural teeth for an appearance that’s so convincing that it’ll even have you fooled. That’s because restorations can be altered down to the shape, color, and alignment for a fully-customizable set of implants.


Improved Quality Of Life

Since full-arch implants can be made to look and feel like a set of natural teeth, your quality of life will also be restored to how it was before your tooth loss. You will be able to eat, speak, and smile as if you didn’t get surgery to begin with!


Preserving Jawbone Health

When there is nothing for the jawbone to support, it can lead to bone loss which can alter your facial structure. Getting a dental implant installed will stimulate your jawbone and keep it healthy. This will help you maintain your appearance by preventing a sunken-in look that often happens with prolonged tooth loss.


The Process of Receiving A Full Arch Implant

If you’re sold on getting a full-arch dental implant to replace your row of missing teeth, you may be wondering what the process entails. Once you visit your trustworthy dentist for a consultation, the steps are pretty straightforward. Some of these steps may require some time in between, but the results are well worth the wait:

  1. A thorough examination and treatment planning is arguably the most important part of the implant process. This is because having the proper setup before you start can greatly affect the resulting outcome. For the best results, be sure to visit an experienced and reputable dentist in your area.
  2. Implant placement will likely be the most intense step, but this is still not a problem as long as you visit a good dental office to get the procedure done. This step involves setting the post into the jawbone, but local anesthesia or sedation is often used to help ease the patient for a pleasant experience.
  3. Osseointegration will take place during your time of healing and is essential in providing stability for your new full-arch dental implant. This process can sometimes take around 3-6 months.
  4. The full-arch restoration is attached to the posts after your jawbone has been fully healed. The dentist will use a special dental glue to permanently hold the arch in place for long-lasting treatment.


Where To Get Full Arch Dental Implants In Diamond Bar

If you’re ready to get started on receiving a full-arch implant to replace your missing teeth, Phillips Ranch Dental Group is the best place in Diamond Bar to go to. With years of experience in the dental field and a friendly and supportive staff, many people choose Phillips Ranch Dental Group for all kinds of dental services including restorative treatment. For more information about full-arch dental implants, call 909-822-9090 to schedule a consultation!