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As you may know, some very popular foods could lead to problems with your breath. For that reason—along with a few others—many people tend to use mints and chewing gum to freshen their breath. While these are useful options, they only cover bad breath without addressing the root of the problem. To help improve your breath, mouthwash can be an effective tool to incorporate into your daily oral hygiene routine.

Typically, bad breath that is caused by certain foods, such as coffee or garlic, is temporary. In these instances, a breath mint or stick of gum can be extremely useful. However, halitosis—which is another name for bad breath—could be a sign of significant problems.

Fortunately, while chewing gum and breath mints can cover up bad breath, mouthwash can actually help you fight against the problems that cause bad breath. Mouthwash can also be especially useful if you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease or tooth decay. Mouthwash is most effective when combined with brushing and flossing, but helps you keep your mouth cleaner as it helps to reduce harmful bacteria.

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