Should you ever need a tooth filling, you will have the option between white and silver. What you may not know is that there’s more to it than just the color of the material. In that case, which one is better? Before you visit your local dentist in the Diamond Bar and Pomona area, it’ll benefit you to understand the procedure for getting a filling and why you would need to get it done in the first place.

Why Would You Need a Filling?

Tooth fillings are the most common dental procedure and they’re ideal for minor cavities or damages that can be patched up and sealed with a small bit of mixture. Basically, any tooth problems that don’t require a complete replacement can likely be taken care of with a small amount of filling as a cheaper and less intense solution. Activities that induce tooth decay and cracks that form from hard contact can be valid enough reasons to get a tooth filling.


Causes of Tooth Decay

  • Neglecting to brush your teeth on a regular basis.
  • Failing to floss between brushing sessions.
  • Consuming an excessive amount of sugar.
  • Having a dry mouth for bacteria to thrive in.
  • Stripping your enamel and leaving your teeth unprotected.


Tooth decay can be easily avoided by practicing regular dental hygiene such as brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each session, flossing after you brush, cutting down on your sugar intake, and drinking a healthy amount of water. Coming in for professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year also helps get rid of bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. But if the damage is already done, visiting your local dentist as soon as you can for a filling will stop any further pain or discomfort.

The Difference Between White and Silver Fillings

Now comes the big question of whether white or silver fillings are better for patching up your cavities. Now that you know what fillings are and what they’re for, you can understand and identify the desirable qualities of each type.

Silver Fillings

Also known as amalgam fillings, silver fillings get their composition from various metals such as tin and copper alongside silver. Although they are usually a bit cheaper, they are incredibly noticeable next to the natural color of your teeth. Silver fillings can be visible in close-up photos which may hinder a person’s self-esteem, especially when attempting to socialize with someone face-to-face. They also don’t age well over time as they can make the surrounding area appear gray. Some people claim that silver fillings are slightly more durable, but it’s difficult to notice the difference since both types do their job rather well.

White Fillings

Of course, the main appeal of white fillings is the fact that they can be matched to your natural tooth color. Many dentists have the ability to achieve roughly 50 different shades of white for a better chance of your filling blending in. White fillings are so convincing that most people would never suspect anything out of the ordinary. Aside from the color-matching ability of white fillings, they are also capable of being attached directly to the tooth so that they can be more easily formed to the desired shape. This nice feature adds to the overall illusion of perfect teeth that are photo-worthy.

The Similarities

Because of the many functional similarities between white and silver fillings, you’re bound to be fine with either option. They are both designed to endure regular biting and chewing motions and both are rather affordable. But since they both do roughly the same thing, many patients would rather have white fillings to avoid the silver-toothed look.

How Tooth Fillings Are Placed

After deciding on what type of filling you want to get, you should familiarize yourself with the procedure for tooth fillings to help ease any anxieties by preparing yourself however you can. However, the process is fairly easy and simple so there’s not much to worry about. Most fillings can be done in an hour or less which still leaves you with practically the entire day to continue your regular activities. Even still, here are the steps in receiving a tooth filling:

  1. Your dentist will completely numb the affected area. Since it’s possible for cavities to be deep enough to become close to the nerves, local anesthesia is used just in case.
  2. A metal tool will be used to carefully remove all traces of tooth decay. This step is especially important because any tooth decay that gets trapped underneath the filling can continue to grow and cause damage.
  3. Once the area is completely clean, your filling of choice is set in place. It is then shaped as closely to your tooth’s original structure as possible for a natural look.
  4. After the filling is perfectly placed and shaped, it is then hardened so that it can last a long time even with frequent chewing and biting.

Where to Get Fillings In Diamond Bar and Pomona

A perfect filling is all in the quality of the material and the skillful hands of your dentist. Since this is a procedure that is meant to last over the course of many years, many people are apprehensive about which dentist they go to. If you’re a resident of Diamond Bar or Pomona, you can’t go wrong with Phillips Ranch Dental. With many decades of practice in the dental industry, these expert dentists are more than skilled in treating your cavity with top-quality white fillings with impeccable techniques for ultimate durability. If your tooth is beyond repair with fillings, Phillips Ranch Dental also specializes in replacing teeth with implants that work just like the real thing. Call 909-860-0321 about setting up an appointment!